Imagine if James Bond did a day in the office. You just imagined Walls Of Darkness with your writer and star, Michael Spicer.

Michael, myself and producer Charlie Laurie put all our pocket money together to make this daft thing just for the bloody fun of it. Were it not for a lot of goodwill our pocket money would not have come close to covering the cost of it - not even close.

Charlie delivered a shoot on spectacularly modest means, Unit were enormously generous to let us put our project through their grade and mix suites. All our cast and crew were kind enough to give us their time for expenses only and basically what I’m saying is thanks to absolutely everyone involved.


Writer - Michael Spicer

Producer - Charlie Laurie

Director Of Photography - Max Brill

Editor - Hettie Griffiths

Composer - Simon Brown

Colourist - Nick Dalby sat Unit

Sound Design - Markus ffitch at Unit

Post Producer - Semley Wilkinson at Unit

VFX artist - Paul Willis


James - Michael Spicer

M - Melle Stewart

Fiona - Lizzie Daykin

Donald - Tom Bell