There are a lot of people whose time and talent have been integral to getting my stuff made and getting it seen. Some are named and shamed here.


LAURA BETTINSON  is a SINGER and a SONGWRITER. She's the mindbox behind 'Femme' and she's in this other band too. She's composed music for a number of my films including Love Me TinderIt Won't Be You and First Contact and she's helped me out in a gazillion other ways too. She is brill. Sometimes I help her make music videos because she's pretty feisty and I'm a bit scared to say no.

TOM LORCAN is an ACTOR stuck in the body of a PRODUCER.  Or maybe it's the other way round.  He's good at both so it doesn't really matter.  You can see Tom "playing" a smug actor in Green and he's the lead in, and executive producer of, Love Me Tinder.

EMILY BEVAN  is an ACTOR off the telly. If you have good taste you'll have clocked her in The Thick Of ItIn The Flesh and Phoneshop. In recent years she has put as much time in to my projects as I have. Not literally. See her being brilliant in Vlog Roll and It Won't Be You.

ALISTAIR DONEGAN is an ACTOR and WRITER I've made a number of sketches and short films with.  The first was It Won't Be You, which Alistair starred in, and most recently we collaborated on Love Me Tinder, which he wrote. There's been some other stuff in between too.  His live comedy is dead good (largely thanks to my input it has to be said) so you should seek it out.

DAVID AVERY  is an ACTOR who always delivers something better than what you wrote. You'll have seen him in The Inbetweeners Movie, 24, Doctor Who and loads of other stuff too. He also happens to be my CO-PRODUCER on a web series called Vlog Roll.

GABBY BEST  is an ACTOR and WRITER who is ace. She won Funny Women in 2012 and is a live COMEDY performer I heartily recommended that you see. She's been in about 42,000 things I've made over the years including Vlog Roll and Love Nest.  She's sometimes centre stage, sometimes supporting, always hilarious.