A Merry Tibbsmas offering from everyone at Mister Tibbs

I wrote this sketch with Elena Saurel and she did all the voices that aren't Jeremy Kyle's. Director Of Photography was the wonderful Alex Nevill

Merry Christmas etc yeah.



Mister Tibbs is a production company I've set up with fellow comedy directors Ben Mallaby, Tom Levinge and Nick Flügge.

We're four multi-skilled filmmakers who all do funny stuff brilliantly.  

Each of us have our own unique styles, skills and sensibilities but we work oh so well together too.  We've got two specialist writers, one from ad-land one from telly, a skilled shooter (with kit) and a superb editor/animator with very kind eyes.  The perfect storm.

So have a look at the Mister Tibbs site, treat yourself to a quick ROFL, and then please share with anyone you know who loves comedy... and pays handsomely to commission it.

Whether it's for brands or broadcast, live action or animation we can deliver.

And if you want to stay up to date with all things Tibbs then there's some really super news.  You can.  Twitter: @ItsMIsterTIbbs.