Love Me Tinder is a dark comedy about an encounter between two lonely strangers.

A man spends an awkward evening with an older woman after they match on a dating app. Meeting each other is easy, but as their night progresses connecting proves to be much more difficult.

In a time when making contact with strangers is simpler than ever, Love Me Tinder finds laughs, tenderness and ultimately tragedy in people being alone together.

The film was written by Alistair Donegan, produced by Prudence Beecroft, shot by Neil Gordon and directed by Sami Abusamra.  It stars Tom Lorcan alongside bona fide British comedy legend Caroline Quentin.



Festival screenings include:

Leeds International Film Festival (2014)

London Short Film Festival (2015)

East End Film Festival (2015)

Kerry Film Festival, Ireland (2015)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2015)

Colchester Film Festival (2015)

Dallas International Film Festval, USA (2015)

Bogota International Film Festival, Colombia (2015)

Flensburger KurtzFilm Tag, Germany (2015)

Kino International Film Festival (2016)

London Comedy Film Festival (2016)